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Top 11 Baby Accessories We Found Useful (and where to buy in Fuengirola area)

When I got pregnant, we were dumbstruck by the amount of stuff we apparently needed for a new baby. Baby snot aspirator? Diaper disposal bags? Do you really need those? Then Felix arrived and suddenly all these bizarre items turned out to be essential – here’s our Top 10 list and where to buy in the Fuengirola area.

Gourmet-round-ice-cube-tray-021. Rubber ice cube trays. Who knew? For those first tiny bits of solid food a baby eats, rubber ice cube trays are so handy for freezing small portions of apple pure or mashed potato. As baby grows and his or her appetite changes, you can pop out as few or as many cubes as you need to defrost. If you freeze several trays with different ingredients, you can mix and match flavours for interesting dinners.

Where to buy? We bought ours from Eroski in the Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola, but I’m pretty sure you can find these in any big supermarket or Chinese shop.

Kiabi baby sleeping bag Fuengirola2. Wearable sleeping bag. Especially older babies move around a lot when they sleep and blankets usually end up wrapped around their feet. Wearable sleeping bags with sleeves and a zip down the side are great for keeping baby warm all through the night and handy for 4am nappy changes. If this appeals to you, get two. One will usually be in the wash.

Where to buy? Dunnes and Kiabi in Fuengirola do cheapest-yet-best-quality ones.

antimosquitos-electrico-3. Electric anti-mosquito device. We have a lot of mozzies in the summer. The baby-safe ultrasound devices that plug into sockets seem to work well and can be moved from room to room or taken on holiday.

Where to buy? Any pharmacy or at El Corte Ingles.

5ml-plastic-syringe4. Plastic syringes. The time may come when baby gets sick and needs to take infant paracetamol or antibiotics. Some baby meds come with a spoon, but a plastic syringe is much better for measuring small amounts of mixture and squirting it straight into the reluctant patient’s mouth.

Where to buy? Any pharmacy.

Crafts: Baby "Under the Sea" Crib Mobile5. Crib mobile. I really had no idea mobiles were so calming for babies! You always see them in magazines, but I was amazed at how long Felix would lie there happily staring at his.

Where to buy? I made my own, see it on the right and check out the instructions here. (Or head to Ikea in Malaga to buy one.)

MotherCare fresh food feeder Mothercare Malaga6. Fresh food feeder. A small net bag that can be stuffed with food and comes with a clip-on handle. It allows baby to enjoy new foods independently without the danger of choking.

Where to buy? We got ours from Mothercare in PlazaMayor in Malaga, but I’ve since seen them in El Corte Inglés in Mijas Costa.

Mercadona doggy poo bags Fuengirola7. Nappy disposal baggies. Absolutely essential. Like when you’re not near a bin and need to store a nappy safely before you get to one (life emergency nappy changes in the car).

Where to buy? Don’t kill me. We used the doggy poo bags from Mercadona. We had a dog who used the same, and these are black (so can’t see mess through the bag), perfect size for nappy, and perfumed. And two handles which tie up (=seal smell) nicely.

baby nasal aspirator Mothercare Malaga8. Nasal aspirator. I found this a bit horrible to use because Felix cried and didn’t like it. But my husband was a bit braver when baby got a bad cold – and we realised babies don’t know how to blow their own noses and a cold can apparently get a lot worse if the snot just stays in the sinuses… So yes, this got used quite a few times and I’d say it’s pretty useful.

Where to buy? Mothercare in Plaza Mayor Malaga, any pharmacy, or El Corte Ingles.

DSC_1598 DSC_15999. Baby’s document folder. This is the mother of all inventions. A new baby seems to arrive with with all sort of documentation: birth certificate, hospital paperwork, civil registry, vaccination booklet, social security card… We got a really cute Koala document folder from TucTuc in the Miramar Centre in Fuengirola. It’s A5 size so it fits easily into the chaging bag and has several pockets inside for all the different types of paperwork.

imgres-110. Puzzle floor pieces. This is ideal. Spanish floors are COLD, and these are ideal for a baby’s play mat – plus easy to clean.

Where to buy? Toys’r’us in Malaga have these, but DON’T grab the expensive ones with cartoon characters, which they have on obvious display! Search around the store as they have this massive pack of 30 pieces for about 20 euros, but they’re always stuffed around a corner on a bottom shelf.

imgres11.  A robust playpen. This one isn’t understated when it comes to colour. But it keeps even a boisterous kid in and has sucker cups to glue it to the floor. Perfect!

Where to buy? On the Spanish Amazon.es website – here’s the link. It comes from Germany by road, so take a few days to arrive, but worth the wait.

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