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Organise Your Kid’s Paperwork (You NEED This in Spain)

Yes, a document organiser for a baby. Sounds ludicrous, but trust me, we live in Spain. You need this. Here’s why we bought one…

and I hadn’t slept much after baby Felix arrived on the scene, as you do when you’re a new parent. 

The third morning after we got home with the baby, we had to trek to the health center for Felix’s heel-prick test. When we got to the clinic, we realised we’d forgotten Felix’s vaccination booklet (the green one called ‘El Libro de Niño Sano’).

“Did you remember to bring the baby?” The pediatrician asked. He was so deadpan it took us a bit to realise he was joking. He did everything he needed to do anyway, including the heel-prick, but after that we decided it was time to get little folder for all of Felix’s documents. He was so small, but already had so much paperwork!

DSC_1599I’m not quite sure whether other countries have as much bureaucracy as Spain does, especially if you’re an ex-pat, but I suspect that most kids will accumulate at least some of the following bits and pieces just in their first few weeks of life:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security or National Insurance card
  • Civil registry certificate
  • Vaccination record

Depending on what nationalities the parents are, a child registered in Spain may also have:

  • A passport 
  • A Spanish ID Card
  • NIE number
  • Private health insurance documents

And as time goes by, yo’ll want to add to these any doctors notes you collect, prescriptions, school nurse visits and so on.

Thanks to our pediatrician’s sense of humour and our forgtfulness, I ended up discovering this VERY cute and useful TucTuc baby document folder, pictured below. It has pockets for everything from paperwork to cards to booklets:


It fits perfectly into a small changing bag:


It fastens with velcro:


And it’s very cute:


This item is SO useful. Every time I’m at the health centre with Felix, other parents always ask me about it. We’ve given this as a gift to quite a few friends with newborns.

Check out TucTuc in the Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola to get yours.

Do you know any other baby stores that sell a similar product? If you do, leave me a comment below or on my Facebook page!


Felix was born on 18th March 2012 in Marbella, Spain. He was the cutest, squigiest little smurf we’d ever met. This is what he looked like then:



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