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To Mummy – In Memoriam

On 13th August 2012 my brother called me from London to tell me that our mother had passed away. She’d been very sick in hospital for months, and we both knew she was not suffering any more. But it was so, so hard.

All I kept thinking was, thank god we’d been able to make that one trip to the UK with my 5-month old son, so that she could meet him. We’d been planning Felix’s christening for the autumn and she’d been so excited about it.

Now, a year later, it’s time to remember her. Would you like to know more about my mum Helena, and how she inspired me to write this blog? Read about it here.

I also wanted to remember her with some special photographs – so I made this video and borrowed some beautiful words 🙂

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Johanna is an award-winning blogger and copywriter. She lives in Southern Spain with her family and writes about online retail, language education and personal finance.

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