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9 Unacceptable Toddler Behaviours We Should Learn

My son engages in questionable social behaviour every day. But I’m so fed up of hearing myself telling him off, I’m thinking I could learn something here. Why not just join in with him? Here’s 9 toddler behaviours that you, dear mum or dad, can benefit from next time you’re in a four-hour board meeting or having a hellish time with those PTA dragons.


Holiday photos are so much fun!

1. Cry, baby cry
There’s no need to be a strong, grown up woman all the time. Next time I see dirty dishes or a person I dislike, I’ll just burst into tears.

2. Tired of always trying to look respectable?
From now on if a client Skypes me on a bad hair day, I’m not going to bother with a bath. I’ll just put a green plastic bucket on my head before answering a video call.

3. Learn to say no so that people respect your boundaries
Next time I have a disagreement with my husband/accountant/bank manager, I’ll just scream “Ya-ya-ya-ca-ca-CAAAAAAA!!!” until the message gets across. Nice and simple.

4. Interact with the physical worldDSC_0290
Ideally, like my son, I’d like to experiment more with the physics of life – especially, liquids. Next time I’m in a restaurant, I might just pick up the Evian, and pour a little bit on the table, the floor, and hey, why not some over the other guests? Water is SO fun to play with.

5. Keep an eye on the ground
There are untold treasures and wonders everywhere. Not just pretty things like flowers or birds. next time you’re on your way to work, pause to admire that empty crisp packet blowing in the wind, or chase pigeons! You can also pick up fascinating items off the floor, like cigarette butts and old bottle tops. New flavours and taste sensations are everywhere – even in your own garden. Have you tried eating soil from your plant pots recently?

6. Passing wind doesn’t need to be embarrassing
Contrary to what we’ve been taught, a fart should not be held in at all costs. From now on, just let them come – delightfully and naturally – wherever you are. The trick is to announce them with a coy smile. This is to communicate the humour of the situation and to remove any shame from it. “FAAAAAAAART!” Who could possibly mind?

7. Smash all limitations of personal space
Being more physically expressive with other people is definitely something I’d love to do more. Next time I see a woman whose hair I really like in the supermarket queue, heck, I’ll just start playing with it.

IMG_28948. Express disappointment freely.
Don’t hold it in. Just grab that cold McMuffin you’re so unhappy with and lob it right across the diner. If you’re still feeling edgy (and if you can make it over before the staff intervene) go and jump up and down on it for good measure. Don’t forget point 1, and do have a cry afterwards. A few tears and a good hug after a mini-meltdown are SO relaxing – perfect for a nap in the car when your concerned family drive you home afterwards.

9. Show your love
Don’t be afraid to blow kisses at strangers in cars next to you in traffic. Or grab hold of random people’s legs. Go out there, sniff the flowers, then blow a raspberry on your friend’s cheek and pat your boss on the head and tell her she’s a “good girl”. Everybody deserves a little love. It shouldn’t be just down to our children to keep it going around.

8. Finally, get out of your comfort zone
Shake things up. Take a new route to work, join a tap dance class or buy that motorbike you’ve always wanted. Boring old routines and habits can get you down, so liven yourday up with unexpected, surprising decisions and new ways of doing things. That’s something we can all elarn from our kids.

IMG_3176How about your own kids? What have you learned from them? Tell me below in comments, or follow me on Facebook for more fun stuff, recipes and life in Spain.


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