Author: Johanna Bergstrom

QUIZ: Is Your Toddler Ready for the Potty?

Is your toddler ready for the potty? If you’re wondering, take this quiz.


DOCTOR WHO Merchandising Must-Haves for Mums

My husband knows… I’m a Doctor Who nut. Let’s face it, that is the only reason why I’d write a piece on Doctor Who merchandising must-haves for mums. Mums worldwide LOVE the Doctor, not only because he is foxy, but because he represents the ultimate in escapism. Right now I’m in Doctor Who ecstasy, because I made some cool discoveries last night! Browsing Amazon for nappy bins, imagine my delight when I stumbled across DOCTOR WHO MERCHANDISING! Here’s a pick of the best…     Yep, you know what this is. With UV light and realistic sound effects, what could be cooler? Also works as a pen, bonus!