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DOCTOR WHO Merchandising Must-Haves for Mums

My husband knows… I’m a Doctor Who nut. Let’s face it, that is the only reason why I’d write a piece on Doctor Who merchandising must-haves for mums. Mums worldwide LOVE the Doctor, not only because he is foxy, but because he represents the ultimate in escapism. Right now I’m in Doctor Who ecstasy, because I made some cool discoveries last night! Browsing Amazon for nappy bins, imagine my delight when I stumbled across DOCTOR WHO MERCHANDISING! Here’s a pick of the best…     Yep, you know what this is. With UV light and realistic sound effects, what could be cooler? Also works as a pen, bonus! Advertisements

Top 11 Baby Accessories We Found Useful (and where to buy in Fuengirola area)

When I got pregnant, we were dumbstruck by the amount of stuff we apparently needed for a new baby. Baby snot aspirator? Diaper disposal bags? Do you really need those? Then Felix arrived and suddenly all these bizarre items turned out to be essential – here’s our Top 10 list and where to buy in the Fuengirola area. 1. Rubber ice cube trays. Who knew? For those first tiny bits of solid food a baby eats, rubber ice cube trays are so handy for freezing small portions of apple pure or mashed potato. As baby grows and his or her appetite changes, you can pop out as few or as many cubes as you need to defrost. If you freeze several trays with different ingredients, you can mix and match flavours for interesting dinners. Where to buy? We bought ours from Eroski in the Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola, but I’m pretty sure you can find these in any big supermarket or Chinese shop. 2. Wearable sleeping bag. Especially older babies move around a lot when they sleep and blankets usually end up …