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IMG_5403Hi! I’m Johanna, a blogger and web content writer.

When I was 15 years old, my mother, grandmother, brother and I moved to Spain from cold Helsinki. After a few detours, including a long stint in London, I settled down in Fuengirola on the south coast of Spain.

I write web copy for a living, but I also blog for fun. Above all I adore spending time with the loves of my life – Jose, my talented and amazing musician husband and Felix, my beautiful and funniest-ever toddler son.

We have a beautiful little home in the suburbs of Fuengirola where in my spare time (usually at night when everybody else is asleep) I paint, cook, sew, knit, blog… and a thousand other things.

My creative obsession is definitely something I inherited from my mum. So this space pays homage to her and provides me with a way to share my recipes, craft ideas and cool stuff for mums & kids. And the occasional Friday funny. Oh yeah, plus those stewing revenge posts I call my “mum rants”.

Thanks for coming by. I hope you feel at home! If you like what you read here, I’d love to hear from you at, on my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Johanna x

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